Covering Statewide, National, and International

Coverage Areas

Our experienced team of process servers takes pride in what they do. We have an extremely high level of knowledge of the service of process, allowing us flexibility in our approach to the serving of your legal papers. Our flat rate generally includes multiple attempts, but if necessary we can help with methods of alternative service.

We provide different coverage options to help you. Our coverage areas range from local to nationwide. We have even helped clients with services in different countries around the world. With our extensive network, our goal is to be your most valued resource and allow you to focus on other parts of your business.


Local Service

Our aim is to offer our clients a cost-efficient, reliable service of process, delivering peace of mind that your documents will be served quickly and professional. If we are unsuccessful initially, we will work to help you get a successful result. A process server should be part of a solution not part of the problem.

We provide legal service of process to all counties in Idaho. Ada County, Canyon County, and Gem County are just an example of a few counties we provide service.

If you are in need of a process server in Idaho, we understand that you may find yourself in a time-sensitive situation. We respect and appreciate your personal circumstances and we will work with you to efficiently manage the serving of your documents.

Process Service

Nationwide Service

Through our new partnership with HPS Process Service & Investigations, we now have access to locations all across the nation, We Serve Idaho provides the convenience of local service with the expertise of national dedicated professionals. You benefit from faster turnarounds and quality customer service. Whether your job is local or in other parts of the country, the level of service we provide will be at the same high level.

Please visit our partner site to view our new locations across the country.